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question from new user ?


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Thank you

I made my first torrent release on mini nova and I use Utorrent 1.6


and I used a program called make torrent 2.0 to make the torrent ,sticky part was tracker announce

inside uttorent 1.6 I did the Stop the torrent, right click, Advanced, Set download location..., set properly, right click, Force Re-check, Start

and the set the Initial seed option and is uploading ok

but I got a remark on my listing on mininova board

Tracker announce: http://elitetorrents.org:80/announce.php <--

This doesn't work anymore. AFAIK.

should I be concerned ? also doing all this after 13 hours my laptop on 24/7 there still is no seeds at all ,is there something I am doing wrong?


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I tried to download it, and it does indeed show 0 seeds. In the tracker status it says that the tracker sent invalid data. The data it shows is HTML code. I think you are using the wrong port.


You may have not seeded it the whole way. There are a lot of peers showing, but 0 seeds. Make sure you have "Initial Seeding" checked in your torrent's properties.

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I am currently uploading 10-25k for the file and I do have Initial seeding box checked also I have Enabled DHT checked and also I have Peer Exchanged checked

what do you mean wrong port? also I stopped the torrent and did a RECHECK many times it says 100% valid

is there any way to replace or change the tracker ?

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wow all of a sudden 14 hours after I started my uttorent 1.6 says 38 seeds

can any one tell me if my uttorent 1.6 says 38 seeds now when does mininova get updated seed and leach info ?

what is the best way to release a torrent is it in utorrent 1.6 if so how do I find out current track announce updated info ,then I upload to mininova

I used a program called utorrent maker 2.0 and it messed up the tracker/announce so I guess that program is no good ?

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