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"An invalid argument was supplied" for tracker status


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What does this mean for tracker status?

When this happens i use speed guide to see if port is forwarded, and it is for sure.

Other Notes:

-Closing uTorrent and reopening uTorrent fixes this.

-Files were seeding prior to this happening, and internet is working fine for other apps on same computer

-This also happens on another computer

-I manually deleted all utorrent preferences (local settings/appliation etc) and redid them again with same problem

-I tried using torrent files from another site with same issue

-This happens about 30 mins into uTorrent running, seeding or downloading

-I have increased half-opened ports to 50 already

-This never happened a month ago, is there something wrong with the way utorrent talks with the tracker servers? Is the tracker server partially blocking utorrent?

What is the cause of this?

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