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Bad Speed Problem!


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I have speed problems with torrents...no torrents at all will connect :(

I have just setup a wireless router and forwarded port 46227 and have that set as my port...

I enabled Protocol Encryption

I enabled peer.lazy_bitfield, and my isp is Atlantic Broadband, Pennsylvania.

I also checked "allow incoming legacy connections."

and i download from non-torrent places fine (I have 5mbps down internet)

the torrent status bar doesnt turn green either, it always stays on red, if you could help me fix my problem it'd be greatly appriciated :)

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there still red and some torrents work better now, before on my router only a select few would even connect, but more connect on my modem now, but not all :(

and one of the ones im trying to connect to has over 50000 seeds and wont even give an ETA...

My uTorrent worked fine before i got this router.

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