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Moving/renaming files, but still want to seed (newbie)


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Hi there, experienced-torrent-folk,

I've just got into uTorrent (can't believe I was looking for everything with LimeWire, when torrenting is SO much faster) and I want to be a good seeder, like everyone tells me to be! But I also want to be able to rename my saved avi/wmv/iso to something that gives me a chance of remembering what it is. I also have different folders for different types of media file and I also try to keep all my data on an external HD, which isn't the one I specify for "move downloaded torrents to" (I work all over the place and tend to use 'The Cloud' or similar for internet access - sometimes I do have my ext. HD with me, sometimes I don't.)

Is there any way that I can rename and move media files and let the torrent file point to that (new) file instead?

I really, really want to do my bit as far as seeding goes, but I don't want to be restricted with what I can and can't do with the files I've downloaded.

Any suggestions?

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