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A little dissapointed


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Hey guys, i was a little dissapointed when i tried so hard to open a port straight to uttorent and was having endless amounts of trouble doing so. So i took my computer in to a computer tech and found out that half the features on the portforwarding instructions never came up on my computer. So i rang my internet provider which is "so and so" and i found out after doing all of this hard work and running around, that they do not support port forwarding. So now i have to change from my provider to someone else. So i rang another company up to see if they supported port forwarding and could not get a simple answer to my question of "Do you support portwarwarding"? Man this has been a real tester. Gees, i'm no rocket scientist when it comes to computers, but i can answer questions with an answer that could let someone who is enquiring know where he stood on the subject. All i want to do is open my port and get good speeds. I am using adsl and have a connection speed of 1500 and i am still finding it hard, but i will keep searching for that one company that supports opening my portal. Just a little story to cheer up the frustrated ones having problems also. I have to admit though, i do understand what you are going through. Enough said and Time out. Regards Grassy PS Thanks Spork for putting me on the right track.

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