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µTorrent 1.1.2


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Tons of fixes. All users are encouraged to update to this version. It features a new file i/o system, so please share your experiences in transfer speeds. Note that the included Advanced Settings pane that was added in this version SHOULD NOT be modified; it is there for experimental use only!! Head over to the download section.

- Fix: Use the downloaded value instead of completed, when computing the ratio.

- Fix: Changes in tracker communication, is it right now?

- Feature: Detect if disk can't keep up with the download and limit download speed.

- Fix: Show "select() error" in status bar if an incompatible firewall is being used.

- Feature: Added option to select if uTorrent should be activated or not when adding a file.

- Fix: Remove Quota columns from peer view, they wern't useful.

- Feature: Added Peer download speed; shows the estimated download speed of the peer.

- Fix: Fixed one issue with x64 DEP (no-execute) protection.

- Fix: When using the no-default-save option, start browsing in the directory specified in preferences.

- Feature: Open torrent properties if you double click a torrent.

- Feature: Options to show/hide torrent info and status bar.

- Feature: Added option to autostart µTorrent when Windows starts.

- Feature: Added option to disable sending statistics to uTorrent.com.

- Feature: Sort jobs in disk queue. Might improve disk performance a little.

- Feature: Controls to setup the size of the disk queueing.

- Feature: Files listview is now sortable.

- Feature: Ctrl-A in a listview selects all.

- Feature: Ctrl-C in a listview copies to clipboard.

- Fix: Lower connect timeout to 20 seconds.

- Fix: If a tracker didn't return peer ids, it wouldn't work.

- Change: If scraping is off, never get the scrape url.

- Fix: Always show updating... when connecting to tracker.

- Fix: Columns in Pieces view didn't display right if some were hidden.

- Fix: When closing to tray, minimize it too, to lower mem usage. (Only works if you have both close to tray and minimize to tray enabled).

- Fix: Reset generals tab if you deselect the torrent.

- Fix: Don't allow "Do you want to exit µTorrent" to be shown twice.

- Fix: Sorting by port in peers listview didn't work.

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