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uTorrent - WORKING (sorta) with Linux/Cedega.


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I just tested the latest uTorrent release ( on my Ubuntu (AMD64 Breezy) machine with Cedega 4.4.3 and CrossOver Office 4.2 installed.

Both of them will execute utorrent.exe directly, bring up the interface, allow utorrent to create the desktop shortcut and even minimize to the system tray.

CrossOver 4.2:

The toolbar fonts are a bit too small, but the interface seems to work properly. The only problem.. torrents (at least the one I tested on a private tracker) seem to start but not transfer.

Cedega 4.4.3:

Interface pops up and looks great. Torrents start and transfer works perfectly. However--with my setup, anyway, I am unable to tell which torrent is which from the main torrent list. Each listview entity is blank and contains no text.

I can, however, select a torrent and see what it is in the [General] tab.

cedega + utorrent is using about 5mb of RAM and easily transferring as fast as my native Windows install. There is a good chance that it will also work with straight-up Wine (WineX?).

Now my hopes are.. a developer will catch this and ask me to get him some screenshots and debug information so we can work on getting the text to appear on the main torrent list. A much easier task than porting the entire application to Linux, and something that can tide us over until the real deal is here. (No, this will not excuse a native release! 8) )

.. In the meantime, maybe I can figure out a tweak to tide me over.

Godspeed, uTorrent dudes.

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I did some testing with uTorrent and WINE 0.9 Beta:

1.1.2 = Works great. The only problem is you can not see which torrent have selected, the blue selection does not appear. You can transfer files fine though.

1.1.3 = Same as 1.1.2

1.1.4 = This is when it stops working right with WINE. Files no longer transfer. It still works in Cedega but the GUI problems are much worse in Cedega.

Current = Same as 1.1.4.

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Just tested utorrent_1.2.3-beta-360 with Wine 0.9.3 and the results are pretty much like xMetaRidley's:

<= 1.1.3

Works fine.

>= 1.1.4

Tranfers, talking to trackers, checking for updates all don't work. It seems like all communications are down. Ethereal, however, shows bi-directional network traffic whenever the said functions are performed. Netstat shows utorrent successfully binding to the chosen port. The GUI works pretty well too, no problems there really.

I had a look at the changes 1.1.4 brought in and "Use WsaEventSelect() instead of select()" stood out the most. Then I did a little poking around and found out WsaEventSelect() was returning 0 to calls, not sure what that means though :lol:.

Thanks for the extraordinary client and keep up the good work. There'll be a lot of happy Linux users once this glitch is fixed =D

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