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Anonymous downloading- Proxies & JAP


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Hi all,

I am not very computer literate so any tips appreciated.

I am trying to use utorrent anonymously via the JAP anonymizer program.

With browsers I just set the proxy and port details to those JAP recommends and it works fine...

However with utorrent this does not seem to work.

Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it (or use utorrent anonymously)

cheers pickledharry

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AFAIK proxying utorrent over a HTTP proxy is not possible.

Using utorrent over a proxy is not really feasible, not for free anyways. All the data has to go through the proxy which means the proxy has to be able to handle your full upload and download speed. I don't think there are proxy servers offering that service for free. Besides you would probably be unconnectible.

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Unless your LAN or your ISP enforces a http proxy you do not need to touch those settings. Some ISPs force http traffic through their proxy. But the normal traffic is (usually) not forced through the proxy. If both are forced through a full proxy I'd suggest switching ISP anyways (and afaik µtorrent won't work in that case).

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