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Port forwarding and stuff...


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Ive downloaded utorrent and so far i know its the best torrentdownloader that you can get for free....

But im having problems...i think...

Sometimes i can download files around the 75 kb/s but there are moments that it wont download anything or download very slow (around the 3 kb/s)

Does this has something to do with port forwarding???

Im getting a yellow icon to (no incoming connections)

Oh and sometimes a red one! (not connectable, a firewall or router is limiting you traffic)

If it does got something to do with port forwarding i would like to get some assistance very badly...

My problems are that my english isnt that good and i followed some guides on port forwarding but i get problems there to....i cant even find the IP adresses of my dns server (cmd->ipconfig/all wont work because it shows the same ips) And if i dont fill them in at my network connection my internet wont work anymore...

I thought maybe upnp was the option but i heard that wasnt safe...(i have a zyxel modem btw)

Another thing is that i dont know what the risks are of port forwarding and i dont know what port to choose for utorrent...For example....if i fill in ''use this ip'' instead of ''automatic ip'' at my network connection does it change alot of things?? And what port is safe to use for utorrent??

I know im a noob at that sort of things but i just want a reasonable download speed....

Thank you very much in advance! ;p

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