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Bug Shutdown


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Debtor and part forgive.

I used Utorrent 1.6.

Then my problem is the following one:

Use the Utorrent the much time and never gave this problem to me. As soon as I run the program soon of followed my computer restarts.

I think that he could be of things as:

1-Antivirus (I used Avast pro)

2-Some port of mine route

3-Some program that is not compatible.

I adore this program and liked immense that they helped me.

If by chance to be able to help thus to decide my problem indicates me.

Already now also customo to receive an error from the Microsoft to the end to restart to say that the error can be caused by the Live Update. It will be!

Thanks a lot

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"This problem was caused by Symantec Norton 2006. Symantec Norton 2006 was created by Symantec Corporation.

A solution is available that will solve this problem.


Go to the Symantec Corporation website to learn more about the solution."

This is the problem that indicates me the Microsoft. Because UT not of the error, but when I put it to run the PC restarts soon.

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I do not have nothing me for the PC to restart. I already used UT and this had never happened to me. But now I am to come back uses it it and each time that I open it last a well 30s +- the PC restarts.

Already I read in the forum that happens to much people, only that they do not specify well because? perhaps e can be my problem.

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