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Maxed out at 6kB AND have followed everyones instructions


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Okay, I'm at my wits end. I have been researching how to increase my download speed for days. I've tried all the tricks in the book and still nothing works.

Firstly, my internet download speed is around 1196kbps; upload 329kbps.

My download speed through uTorrent is always around 6kB, regardless of how many torrents I have downloading. (I tried download OOo_2.1.0rc2_20061130_Win32Intel_install_en-US.exe.torrent and still maxed out around 6kB.)

Secondly, I have Zone Alarm Pro and a WRT54GL router (with HyperWRT G Thibor 15c installed). I have followed all the instructions to open ports 6881-6889 through the router and Zone Alarm. I have followed the instructions for how to tweak uTorrent to get the best download speeds. I have gone into my Network Places and configured my Local Area Connection to allow access to those ports and to uTorrent.exe… and yet I am still maxed out at 6kB.

I have tried DISABLING Zone Alarm AND bypassed my router, connecting directly into my cable modem… and STILL 6kB.

I went to the Speed Guide and checked to see if my ports were open (6881-6889)… It said they were closed.

What am I doing wrong? My boyfriend thinks I'm PMSing, cause this has actually brought me to tears.


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