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Add torrent from Url doesnt wrk with private sites?


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µTorrent is on v1.1.7.2, not 1.72. Version 1.2 is going to be the next important step up version, not 2.0. Also, you can't always draw a direct correlation between a major version number bump and quality/features (not saying anything about the µTorrent devs here =P).

Back on topic...

I don't think µTorrent was meant to be able to download torrents on private tracker sites, since you have to log in first before you can download those torrents... which µTorrent probably isn't going to do for you (since there are an infinite number of ways to log into a site...)

The 'key' field only applies to torrents (not tracker sites), don't they? In which case that field is irrelevant...

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