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Problems with DHT


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I have been using µtorrent for 3 months now and i never faced any problems with DHT.

But since last week my utorrent client shows "DHT:1 nodes".

My port is forwarded properly. I get the green tick.

My utorrent client is the windows firewall exceptions list.

Even when the updating message comes it never updates. Due to this my download speed is very slow. Can anyone plz help me?

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still theres some problem.

dht nodes increase then when it shows updating they start decreasing! i dont know whats wrong. my ports are forwarded properly. i'm downloading a torrent with many peers and seeds but still the speed is very slow. can you tell me something else. i even tried enabling encryption but that didnt help either. speed used to increase to around 30 kbps then go back to 0.1

it's extremely frustrating.

can you plz tell me some other way out

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well i have a 512 kbps connection(thats a lot for this country).

my download speed is around 52 to 55 kbps normally and nowadays i get around 0.1 to 4 kbps.

my max up speed is 47 kbps.

my max connections per torrent are 90.

well i think thats about it.

am i missing anything?

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muddy900, are you from an Asian country? Could your problems stem from the Taiwan earthquake that took out several submarine cables? Could it be that your ISP is doing traffic shaping to ease congestion as the cables are not fully repaired yet? Could it be that your ISP is setting all packets to low priority which eases up on congestion but may be interfering with your DHT login?

btw I am also having exactly the same problems with DHT:waiting to login. In my case I am quite sure its my ISP that is screwing things up for me, but having said that I cant understand why I dont have DHT problems with BitComet, but d/l speeds sux as bad as uTorrent so I know its the ISP doing some hanky-panky business.

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You seem to be mixing up connection speeds in kilobits/sec (abbreviated: kbps) and download/upload speeds in KiloBYTES/sec (abbreviated: KB/sec).

Your connection is rated at 512 kbps down and seemingly about the same up.

The closest speed guide setting is xx/384k to your upload speed, however if you're not actually uploading as fast as you set it then you NEED to use a slower/lower setting.

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