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Green Light, Port Forwarded yet still can't get much >20kbps


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Hi all,

I am new here.

I will try and summarise whats happened so far in an understandable way.

With Azureus, I was downloading seeded torrents with barely 1kbps. I had heard good things about UTorrent so decided to switch.

At first, everything seemed perfect, and I had a nice speed of 150kbps (I am on about 4mb broadband, www.speedtest.net, gave me 2600kbps downstream. I use the BT Voyager 2100).

But after downloading some more torrents my speed dropped a lot. I have just tried the OpenOffice Torrent and there were 70 seeders and I was the only leecher and I wwas only getting 15kbps-40kbps.

I used www.portforward.com to set up a port forward but that didn't help. On the status bar at the bottom, the tick is green. I'm not sure whether it was green when I first installed UTorrent.

Torrents with 3 seeders and I being the only leecher barely reach 10kbps?

What I find odd is how I got a great speed first, and then it depreciated?

Any advice?


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I see conflicting reports between BT users -- some people have absolutely zero trouble configuring and setting everything up, while others can't get good speeds, even though they've been guided through the process. Yet others have reported being throttled on a time-of-day or day-of-week basis. Honestly, I'm not sure what's going on ;\

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