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Norton Internet Security 2007 seems to drop all my connections


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Hello all,

I've just installed Norton Internet Security 2007 on my PC.

I had a 2 month trial with my new PC and decided to get it as I got a good deal on it at a store.

Now it worked perfectly fine with the trial version (i'm assuming it was a 2006 version of the software as the GUI interface was quite different) but now, my connections keep dropping.

There are no warnings or errors.

Just, I launch utorrent, get good download speed at first, come back a few hours later and then nothing... can't download or upload. I relaunch utorrent, again starts off ok, then nothing.

Yes I have read the FAQs and I didn't see anything on this subject as I don't have the issues mentioned in there.

I've also done a "port forwarding" check and it looks like my port forwarding no longer works.

I've also tried to restart my router but that's not the problem as i'm able to surf the web while utorrent doesn't seem to work.

Please help, anyone


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Thanks for the reply.

I've turned off the firewall and now all is working fine.

But that's not much of a security if I can't have the firewall up and running.

I'm wondering if my setup is ok or not... it's set to allow all connections through utorrent.

I would have assumed that would be fine but maybe I need to specify the port forward?

What do you think?

Thanks for your help

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