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Windows Server 2003 SP1 Test uTorrent


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I test uTorrent and agree whit all user. This is great p2p client software.

But have one little point for futer version build.

Pls, make this. Becouse this is very import for your software.

The problem is when operation system stop respond. Some time many user have hardware problems and operation system full bloking all. You press ctr+alt+del but notting happaing becouse blocking os problem is very big. You must restart and when restart from button. I see that uTorrent forget all torrent task. The uTorent tasks are emty. Once again I must to download all torrent to check directory name to search in the all torrent portals. This is vary bad. You must repair that.

I want to named this problem uTorent 'ET' - Emty tasks :)

When you do that I will be vary happy :)

This bug happanig when so bloking, power off(not properly shutdown computer). This problem is test in the Windows Server 2003 SP1 original Microsft licenzing server whit all current update.

Tell as when you build new version?


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