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µTorrent not loading into ram properly?


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I've been recommending Process Explorer to troubleshoot problems with µTorrent for some time now, but it seems I may have an odd one of my own that I cannot resolve.

µTorrent has been a little bit slow on uploading and I think it's not caused by time-of-day slowness on my connection.

When I click on µTorrent.exe in Process Explorer and look at its loaded/linked DLLs, I see these 3 in yellow:

MSAFD.DLL Microsoft Windows Sockets 2.0 Service Provider



...and the utorrent.exe itself further down in purple!

From the F1 Help in Process Explorer I found this:

Highlight Relocated DLLs

"any DLLs that are not loaded at their programmed base address show in yellow. DLLs that cannot load at their base address because other files are already mapped there are relocated by the loader, which consumes CPU and makes parts of the DLL that are modified as part of the relocation un-sharable."

Ok, yellow DLLs are bad. But what's Purple?! :o

I'm on Win 98SE with 98Lite/LitePC set up to strip out most unused DLLs from windows. It is totally lacking many "default windows components" that would normally be tying up vast chunks of ram.

So how would I go about reassigning memory for these mis-loaded DLLs?

Would it be a simple matter to change the DLL load order on windows boot-up to at least let these mislocated DLLs choose their memory locations first?

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