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Not connectable - DL-524. Port is forwarded, speed settings are set


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I continue to get the "Not connectable" error. My downloads aren't suffering too much but I know they could be better.

My speed test @ DSL Reports is 2788 kb/s down and 477 kb/s up:


I chose my connection as xx/2Mbit and have set my port as shown:


This is what I have the Speed Guide set as:


However, when I test to see if the port is forwarded I get this:


Windows firewall is turned off, no other firewalls are running. AV is NOD32 but that is not causing any problems (right?). What could be causing the error?

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I think I have this same problem, and I've been trying to fix it for a while now (same router and everything as xraycat).

My torrents upload and download fine, but it says there is a problem. Up until yesterday or so, I've always gotten that green check mark, but now it's all red and "!". The thing is, I'm only using Windows firewall, and uTorrent is allowed, I even allowed the port, hell, I even went to my router settings and allowed utorrent. Nothing has seemed to work.

The only difference from a day ago from when it was working is that my computer has been moved into the basement, and is using a different outlet for my connection (it's plugged into the router).

I just don't know what to do, the port is open..

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Usually the IP address is the first IP that the routers DHCP server grants. However if you use DHCP there is a chance you might get another IP address (like when you move). Best choice is to change to a static IP address (outside your DHCP server "pool" of IP addresses) and reset your port forward to the new static IP address used by your computer. If you need help setting it up go to http://www.portforward.com/networking/staticip.htm

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