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if u use geforce nvidia cards and have connection/dht/speed probs read


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i have spent a week sibnce i upgraded to xp pro sp2 wondering why i no longer got any dht/speed /limewire connection quality i formatted 2x,i uninstalled my bullguard firewall i disabled windows xp firewall and after reading maybe firewall hidden in nvidia i rolled back to xp display driver for my gforce card but no joy. i nearly threw my pc outta window!! then by chance i was looking at window task manager and saw nvservice and wondered if it was nvidia so ended process and guess what??? i am connected to 200+dht nodes and d/loading at 100+kbps and my limewire fully connected! those f***ers at the big corps really got it in for us!¬!

if this helps just 1 person it was worth posting


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