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Setting Up Ports, Speedstream Router


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So, I'm new to the whole idea of Utorrent, and I'm not having the best of luck at the moment. At the moment, my download speed, on average, only gets to about 0.6 kbs/s. Obviously, not cool. I did the upload and download speed setup already, so I went to go get my ports together. The assigned one didn't work, so I went to the tutorial at portforward.com to set it all up. Unfortunately, though I got all the information, it still didn't work, most likely because I could find my DNS Server number. Apparently, it does not exist (I checked with the tools provided by portforward too; nothing came up).

My router is a Speedstream, though I'm not sure what version. All I know is the model number, which is 5871, though I doubt that helps. Where do I look for the added number (in case you don't know what I mean, when you try to set up a port with portforward, it has a list of Speedstream routers, all with a number next to them)? I have an ME processor, and a DSL, 128 connection. The Openoffice files work fine, though they only get up to about 12 kbs/s. The stats for the file I'm trying to download look like this: Seeds 1(1), Peers 1(5).

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