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New torrent check stops at 98%.


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Somebody an idea what can be the cause of next problem?

A friend has next problem:

When a new .torrent file is made, and the .torrent file is uploaded to a site. De torrent is activated by downloading the new .torrent file from the site. After this .torrent file is activated, µTorrent starts to check the torrent data. So far all went as it should be, but then the check stops at 98-99% and pauses for a moment, and starts downloading for the (missing) 1-2% thats (not passed the check???) missing after the check.

Small files, are not a problem, but the larger files (> 3GB) do have this problem.

I've never encountered this problem before and find it strange that a self made torrent did not passes the check. The hard disc was checked (chkdisk /r) and there was a damaged file was found.

Could this HD damage be the cause of this phenomena and keep causing problems with making new torrents???

Or am I overlooking something??


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Mostly the larger files as DVD formats (.vob and iso formats ± 4.3GB) and sometimes the smaller .iso torrents (±100MB). The smaller files don't have this problem every time.

I've asked him to check the HD more often, and every time he found new damaged files, so I've proposed him to get a new HD. My opinion : At this point, with the continues appearing of new problems, there is no other option!

Many thanks for the reply

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