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I have major problems!


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I pressed a button, and a window popped up in the program!?

Don't remember exactly, I was totally hammered at that time, but I belive I said;

"darnit, you friggin...", or " ...you bastard..." - something...

I desperately pressed ESC with no luck!

Anyway, that's all I remember, until I woke up in a pool of puke in the backyard!

So, later that night it worked just fine when I got me some porn with hot chicks and floppy knockers, so forgot the hole thing.

But now I'm out of sweet-divine Jim Beam, and the hole episode haunts me in horrible backflashes. And a hole lot of other stuff from the past too, for that matter...

Life sucks, man...

Why was I writing this in first place? Hmm... It might have been µtorrent- related...

Who knows - I'll get back to you punks when the brain returns from where the sun don't shine!

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