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hi everyone.

i'm having a problem with any torrent or p2p program(i'm using only utorrent but i ran many other programs to see if the problem is from u torrent and it wasn't), i can't run them.

i have a network connection with another 8 PCs, we have a speedtouch 510 router, everything was working fine till the network admin. change the router from home to pro(i knew that by searching on google and see what are the changes that happened, i found that the router's ips are like 10.0.0.xx and it's default gateway is, i was able to access it through the browser but now i can't)the admin. changes the router from home to pro(and there are something about NAT which i don't know what it is?), and so the ip from 10.0.0.xx to 192.168.0.xx and default gateway to from this moment everything stopped working, no torrents, no p2p just HTTP connections.

so how can i make them work again, although i don't know the router's pass, or user name, sometimes when the admin. is fixing the network the ip returned to 10.0.0.xx and everything works but this is for just few hours and then go back to that damn 192.168.0.xx, at these times i can access the router through the ip and can get the user name and password.

so is there anyway to make them work again with the current settings(the 192.168.0.xx ip settings)?

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