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Help! I've a problem with my Pc! It might be uTorrent?


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Hi to everyone.

I have a problem into my Pc.

I have a pc with these features: Pentium II 650 Mhz, 128 Mb Ram, Hd 15 gb.

I have a problem, maybe with uTorrent.

I have Zone Alarm Security Suite with the uTorrent's port opened and correctly mapped, but, after some minutes, the pc goes slow, very slow, the clock loose seconds and then minutes and i cannot make anything.

The system sources are anyway good and the cpu is below than 20 %.

So...what's the matter? Is it Zone Alarm to create this problem, or uTorrent that create this? Are there some rules to optimize uTorrent in order to eliminate this problem? Maybe a cache problem?

Help me! For further informations about my pc configuration, i will be grateful to give you all the possible advices...

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