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2003 server and outgoing connections


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Recently, I had to reformat the server that powers the backend of my apt. When I reloaded uTorrent, I noticed that when it was running the internet slowed to a crawl. I figured that it was due to one of the hotfixes, so I reloaded windows.

That didn't work. I also knew about the net.max_halfopen, and it's set at it's default 8. When I go into my router (which is a reflashed WRT-54G with DD-WRT v23 SP2) and check in the "Active IP Connections" (without uTorrent open) it's at about 50. When I open uTorrent, it goes up to at least 300 (and I've seen it go up to 1000). I have NOT patched the tcpip.sys file, and this is a fresh install of uTorrent.

I've cleared the NVRAM in the router, and reset up the router. The only hotfix I've applied to the server is SP1 (as the old one had SP1 running without this issue).

I don't know why uTorrent is opening so many connections when the OS is supposed to be limited to 10 and uTorrent is set at 8. Once it goes above (about) 200, the internet becomes unusable.

The only thing I can think of is that when I reimport my settings from my old uTorrent there's something corrupt (but everything loads with no problems or errors).

At this point, I don't know what to do.


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One last thing. Deleted the settings files (but not the other files in %appdata%\utorrent) and still having the same issue with too many outgoing connections.

One other thing to note, there is no software firewall on the server. The firewall built into windows is disabled (stopped the service from running) and I haven't installed a 3rd party firewall.

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