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Unable to match UPnP port-why does this happen?


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I have been using utorrent with Norton Internet suite and I did not have any problems. After my license expired I switched to ZoneAlarm Pro with the following specifications

ZoneAlarm Pro version:6.5.737.000

TrueVector version:6.5.737.000

Driver version:6.5.737.000

Anti-spyware engine version:

Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200701.795

Now I am facing problem with utorrent. Whenever my firewall is on I get the message "Unable to match UPnP port" in the logger. So when I want to use utorrent I switch off the firewall and then utorrent works fine. After the port is remapped, I turn on the firewall. I also followed the instruction in this forum on how to open ports. I also did that but still I get the above message and utorrent doesn't download anything. An indication to this is the yellow mark never turns green when ZoneAlarm firewall is on. But it does turn green when the firewall is off. Could you please help.

Thank you in advance,

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