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utorrent not reporting ratio correctly?


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A private tracker I dl from doesn't seem to be updating my ratio properly since I started using utorrent. Now, I do stop utorrent in mid dl sometimes, if I'm playing WoW, so does it then send a stop message to say "TQ downloaded 567 MB, and has uploaded 238MB", and that's it, that's my ratio, or would it report again when I restart utorrent and later stop it to tell the tracker "OK, TQ has now not downloaded anything, but he has uploaded 800MB".

I'm a little confused, as I downloaded a couple files that were around 700 MB and uploaded till the ratio was 10:1, yet my ratio on the tracker never budged. In fact, I think it dropped slightly. Anyone know why this might be? is utorrent not correctly reporting ratios, or does it just report the ratio when I first stop it, and never again after that point for a particular torrent?

BTW, love utorrent, and I don't plan on switching away from it whatever the answer ;)

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It definately is somewhat bugged. It seems to forget something between sessions. I am currently looking at a torrent which is done downloading:

Downloaded: 3.75gb (100%) Uploaded: 1.82gb Ratio: 2.424 ?!

This is just the visuals in uTorrent tho... the tracker has the numbers right, as far as i can tell.

Might seem as if: When uTorrent downloads a multi-file torrent, that is stopped after 1 file is complete and then restarted later; It forgets to count the already downloaded file as counting towards the final ratio.

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