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Error in Utorrent FAQ Column regarding Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS.


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I was currently browsing Utorrent's FAQ until I came across a possible typo maybe.

The FAQ says:

"Neither DD-WRT v23+ nor DD-WRT Thibor14+ require these steps, but older versions of HyperWRT tofu/Thibor do. If you are on an old DD-WRT, you MUST upgrade to v23 SP2 or later."

Then later it says:

" * The following instructions are for DD-WRT v23 or later only.

* Enter the following values at 'Web-Admin -> Administration -> Management -> IP Filter Settings'

* Maximum Ports: 4096

* TCP Timeout (s): 300 (decrease if you have many TCP connections)

* UDP Timeout (s): 300 (decrease if you have many UDP connections)

* Save Settings and then Reboot Router "

So I am confused as to whether these instructions imply to DD-WRT v23 or later OR DD-WRT v23 and older versions...

Pls take note of this error as it can confuse the readers as I too am using WRT54G

Hope this is 'fixed' soon.


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I do have a slight problem though, when downloading a torrent, my browsing speed does seem to be slowed down.

So if you can advice some settings for the firmware, that would be greatly appreciated.

P.S The condition was worser with the original firmware, it took forever to get to www.google.com

If there is no such solution, or it is not required then i'm fine with it, its not that big of a problem.

Thanx :)

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