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creating a torrent : skipping multiple files


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Read this:

http://www.utorrent.com/torrent.php and search for "The Source"

Here is where you specify the location of the content you wish to share. Before selecting the path chose whether you are sharing a single file or multiple ones. If you are making a torrent with more then one file those files must be located in a single folder, with nothing else in it.
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The description is in the user manual ;\

The Skip Files field allows you to skip files using specific filters. This field only gets activated if you use the Add directory button. Wildcards can be used to specify multiple files.


In several places in µTorrent, wildcards can be used in place of normal characters in order to specify a set of files that contain the characters beside the wildcards in its filename. The following may be used in those situations:

* (asterisk) to match any text of any length

? (question mark) to match any single character

| (vertical pipe) is an "or" conditional

Example: *File?A*|File?B* matches any file that contains File?A anywhere in the filename (where ? is any single character, such as a space or an underscore), or any file that begins with File?B in its filename (again, where ? is any single character).

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