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Unable to use .torrent files


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I saved a .torrent file to my computer and I'm trying to use uTorrent to open it but it doesn't want to it keeps giving me an error saying it's unable to save the .torrent file or something but I have already saved the .torrent file what is uTorrent trying to do??? I just want to open the .torrent file that I already saved, yet uTorrent keeps giving me an error which is leading me to believe that for some reason, it is trying to "save" this file THAT I ALREADY HAVE. It gets worse though; it's trying to save it to a hard drive that DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. And it's completely ignoring my settings.


What gives? I tell it to download stuff to C: and it's trying to "save" my .torrent file to D:????? WTF?

Please help!

Oh and I tried unticking the boxes "Put new downloads in" and "Move completed files to". Again, it didn't do any good, uTorrent continues to show utter contempt to my settings. =(

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