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[Question:]Is there any way to transfer downloads?


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Hi all. I have a question as stated in the subject.

Well i have been using μtorrent on my laptop for a while and works fairly well. Main problem is limited space for downloads and speed sometimes.

What i want to do is transfer all my current incomplete downloads to another computer with larger HD so that i will not loose almost 50% of what i have already downloaded and continue downloading from that computer until completion.

Is this possible and if yes how do i do it?

Thanks all in advance for your answers.

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Simple! Take the downloading folder (you know - where you told it to save) and copy it over to the new computer. It won't be usable data but uTorrent will know what to do with it. When you get to the new computer, take the torrent you had the file downloading with (re-download it or copy it, I'll explain in a sec), and plug it back into uTorrent like you want to start it again. When it asks where to save it, point it to the folder you copied onto the new computer. It'll automatically check the existing file and pick up where it left off. :)

As for the torrents themselves (you know, the .torrent files), they can be found in your user profile - C:\Documents and Settings\blahblah\Application Data\uTorrent. Copy what you want - or if your folder structure is going to stay exactly the same between the two computers, you can make uTorrent believe nothing ever changed, by copying that entire folder to the same place on the new computer as well as the download folder (with all the downloaded/downloading files) to the same places.

It's even easier once you have a good idea of how all the files and programs interact with the system... but hey, start small. ^_^

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