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uploads start slow and then go to zero quickly


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my problem is that things ready to seed start seeding at around 2kbs - 5 kbs and then over about 5 seconds gradually slow to zero. they then don't start again soemtimes, sometimes they do after a few seconds/minutes but the same thing happens. i have things to seed, 8 of which are from punktorrents.com and 2 are from mybittorrent.com. of the 2 from mybittorrent 1 is complete one is not. they both seed ok, they have loads of seeders and leechers though they sometimes go down in speed but pretty much are always staying running. of the ones from punktorrent, of which there are fewer seeds leechers (this is not the reason why its not uploading,as worked fine on that site before) all are complete and ready to seed. they had been seeding but then the tracker went down yesterday it is now fine evry1 else on it is ok, iv been trying to get help from them but nothing has worked. i have portforwarded. i have been at this for about a day now trying to sort it and i just can't i need so much help! iv double checked the port forwarding, even changed it again, incase the initial one (which had worked and then stopped working) had gone wrong. here are most of the things i was told to tell you

network status is green tick

using windows xp

port checker from speed status says OK! Port 12541 is open and accepting connections. You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

connection type xx/1mbit, upload limit 92 kb/s, slots 6, max active torrents 6, max active dl 5, cpnnections per torrent 100, global 600.

have windows firewall but utorrent is allowed through

router is bt voyager 220v isnt that my modem too? isp is btboradband

Please help me!!

dsl, dl speed of 1.5mb didnt get upload sorry

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