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µTorrent is not working properly, it crashes!


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Hello all

I m new here and i have wery bigg problem :-(!

Efter I have started my uTorrent it works as it should everything is

as it should be, BUT onley for one or two minutes, then it crashes

and i have to go to start it all over igen!

I use onley windows firewall, antivirus norman and that is it

(uTorrent worked properly with thes things just days ago)!

Dont know what to do, hoped that some of you folks can help me!

I am grateful for all yours propositions soon . . thanks!!

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I have preformed Windows Update recently, I also have notice that

uTorrents useage of memory increasing constantly, and when it comes

up to abaout 20 000kb - 25 000kb the utorrent shouts down.

Have discovered that i can download stuff with this utorrent preaty recently

and now that uTORRENT is shauting down after some minutes dont know what to do!!!

Sorry abaout my bad english, and I am grateful for all help that i can get! TY!

I should add... Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2, antivirus NORMAN,

no firewall beside windows XP firewall, using D-Link DI-604,

Title: Chipset NVIDIA nForce4 CK8-04

Date: 02.06.2006

Version: 5.10.2600.0559 02.06.06 == ???? (I am not shure)

Manufacturer: NVIDIA

Status: Released for SCALEO H /CBN/FM/A64 3500 /

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(What is net.max_halfopen set to in µTorrent?)

How can i se that?

The thing is (i have noticed now) that uTorrent doesnt chrash if i m downloading just 1 or 2

torrents at the same time, but if i m downloading like 6 or 7 or more,

then it crashes after some minutes and i have to start the program igen...

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net.max_halfopen is set to "8" in my µTorrent.

My internet conection is (8Mbit/s down) and (1Mbit/s up)

Right now i m downloading a movie and it says on uTorrent

"Speed" 445kb/s down and 135kb/s up.

Another question: What does it mean by "banned" in the "Logger" of the uTorrent?

And when I am rightclicking on mu torrent that is downloading I have

an option Advanced -> "reset ban", are thay ralated in some way?

I am guessing - banned doesnt sound like good thing!

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