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the supposed "fake torrent" problem of connecting to few seeds


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I wonder if anyone has more input on this? I searched the forums and all the posts about connecting to only 1 or a handful of seeds but a ton of peers claimed it was a fake torrent problem. Well after trying out another bittorrent client(bittornado using the same ports) I think the problem is with utorrent.

uTorrent, on pretty much any torrent I choose connects only to 1-3 seeds. BitTornado on the same torrent will happily connect to me to many more seeds than peers (3x-4x more seeds than peers is not uncommon). The result is of course BitTornado finishing a torrent download much faster than uTorrent.

I originally switched to uTorrent expecting to get better performance, and while it is not the memory hog other clients are, I'm starting to wonder what the heck is going on with seeds/peers connected problem. It's certainly not a "fake" torrent problem.

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