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Start new torrent when speed below x


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A feature I've seen in Bitlord, the client I used prior to uTorrent.

Ability to set a limit to how slow the total amount of downstream speed can be before a new torrent should be activated.

For example, I may have set the max amount of simultaniosly downloads to 5, but as long as the first torrent/torrents downstream speed is above a certain limit the rest remains in the queue.

And please, unlike Bitlord, make that only ONE torrent starts when the speed goes below that limit, if the speed is still below the limit, start another one, and so on. Not that the entire queue gets activated at the same time.

Or please just check out Bitlord and see how they've solved it if you didn't get this. :) (outdated client, I know)

uTorrent is starting to look good, hope you guys make it the best!

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Seems like this one is partially solved. Once a download goes to less thank 1KB/s, it is not considered as using a download slot.

It would be great to also allow to control (in advanced settings) which is the speed threshold. I normally considered a torrent slow if it gets less that 50KB/s for example.

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If for any reason your line is overloaded by other apps using the internet, µTorrent would mistakenly think 'slow torrents, time to start more!'

You also have to think about what your upload speed is doing while downloading a lot of torrents at once.

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