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utorrent 1.6 CRASHES!


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I'm kind of new on the site, so I don't know if this has been up before..

I'm using utorrent 1,6 and when it has been running for about an hour maybe, it likes to crash.

Then if I try to gain access to the internet, ex: Mozilla Firefox or Inet, it wont open.

And i can't shut my computer down :( The only way to shut it down, is manually.

I'm using NORMAN FIREWALL, and I have read that utorrent won't work with that firewall.

BUT! Can't I do anything else, than delete that firewall?? PLEASE help

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These programs aren't the only ones that probably have trouble with Norman Firewall -- you can point out how flawed that software is.

...or you can just jack its settings up so she has trouble too.

Do note if you don't have a router then you NEED a software firewall...and a GOOD one at that! Even then your computer is vulnerable to DDoS attacks because it is directly connected. They shouldn't be able to break in, but they can deny you access out and potentially crash your networking hardware in the process.

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