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Last piece - corrupted


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Happened many times to me, with different files on different trackers: after "successful" download, i do the "re-check" - and the last downloaded piece of downloaded file is broken, its CRC doesn't match.

I first saw this happening with the latest 1.6(474) version.

Downloading onto another hard disk didn't help, so it's not a bad sector.

Deleting the Application Data\uTorrent directory and re-adding the torrent(continuing the download) didn't help.

During the download it did say PIECE 531 FAILED HASH CHECK

Deleting the downloaded data and re-starting torrent worked.

It seems if the corrupted piece is downloaded in the finishing mode, uTorrent fails to correctly do its job and produces a bad result. The worst thing, however, is that it creates one more corrupted seed, thus multiplying the problem. And people usually don't do "forced re-check", so it's goes unnoticed.

Very similar to the work of a malicious virus program.

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