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separate read/write cache size controls


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I like to have a large read cache, say 128MB, to reduce stress on my laptop hard drive. I have plenty of RAM so I might as well put it to use! However, I don't need a 128MB write cache. It doesn't get anywhere near full, perhaps 9MB at most, so it's a waste.

In the cache control section, I'd like to be able to set separate sizes for the read/write caches, so I can set a 16MB write cache and a 128MB read cache, say...

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I had the same idea.

I run uTorrent 24/7 on a dedicated computer. The machine has 512Mb of ram. It could easily have a read cache of 300Mb to eliviate the hard disk usage. That way, I can set the power manager to switch the hard disks off after 3mins. Very useful while seeding.

Also, the read cache at the moment does not contain an integer number of denominations. I get things like 4.36Mb when the denomination size is 2Mb. Can we at least read from the file a whole denomination at once? This by it self will save hard disk life greatly.

One last hard disk saving idea. Only write to the file when the cache is full. To download 300Mb, is going to take between 5 and 40 minutes (8Mbps - 1Mbps). So there is plenty of rest time to cool off. This is important in hot countries like Greece (where I live). So not saving a packet immediately, but storing it up (in ram) and saving lots (flush to the hdd) in one go. This could be like an extra option with a warning for loss of data in the event of a power failure.

I love uTorrent and think you guys have done some brilliant work!

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