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uTorrent with Server 2003 (enterprise) - troubles


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Hey All,

Have searched and can't seem to see anything about this. Just migrated my utorrent install to a server 2k3 enterprise box from an XP machine. Under XP it was working great, upload throttling worked, great speed etc. Under server 2k3, the upload throttling seems to be ignored and incoming speeds seem shocking. (The upload on the connection is unfortunately small, so can be choked easily)

Have tried with the scheduler enabled and disabled though does not make any difference to the above situation.

Anyone seen similar?

Any help appreciated.

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IINM, DreadWingKnight (a forum administrator) uses Windows 2003 with µTorrent, without any issues ;\

I'm totally in the dark about what the problem might be, but... question: when you limit your upload speed to 5KiB/s, does your download speed rightfully get limited to 30KiB/s?

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