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router problems


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hey everyone,

if anyone can help me with this i willl be a very happy chappy.

besically im behind a modem then a router. im on 512k dl and 128k up

internet --------> Netcomm NB5 (modem) --------> DI-524 (wireless&4port router) ----> pc's

i can get utorrent working perfectly but i have to connect the pc to the modem and then port forward. if i try to connect to the router and portforward from the router to my pc but still gets the same speeds. whenever i am behind the router th dl speed slows down a bit but not alot, and the upload is like 1-3 kB/s.

thanks in advance,



Acer 3290 notebook:

1.88ghz Dual core

1GB Ram

100GB Sata

256 Radeon (512 hyper)

IntelPRO + 12db gain antenna

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