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Missing Network Status Light? Also, the usual DHT problems.


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Hey, all.

So, I've recently lost my Network Status Light (actually, it blinked twice about a week ago and vanished). Which, in and of itself, wouldn't bother me much but DHT hasn't worked since then either. I doubt the two are connected (if I'm wrong, feel free to take your daily frustrations out on me).

I've been attempting to troubleshoot for hours but I fail at life because I lack computer-fu.

Oh, and I tried the opensource deathstrike thing and even that won't download, but I'm not sure what that means (does it work for everyone else?). both dht.dat files have also been deleted.

Any help you could offer would be *very* welcome (even if it's just to tell me I'm an idiot, because I do have the sneaking suspicion the problem lies between the keyboard and the chair).

Much love.

-Jae <3

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