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speed problem after format


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i have post the same earlier but now is very much urgent i have format my pc and i have try to download from utorrent my settings are:

xx/256 from speed guide

patch tc/ip and repatch because of KB920342 update of microsoft

26-30 netmax halfopen

net low cpu= false

peer lazy bietfield=false

port forward ok port nuber 32451

router thomson speedtouch 585v6i

connection 256/1024

my isp dont list it to interfear with utorrent

firewall only this of windows with the exeption of utorrent

upnp=no dht=no

i get a green triangle

and the results are 30kB/s at download speed and the same or up to 40 download speed in a torrent from oppenoffice torrents

Any ideas am i doing something wrong?

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