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Ports just wont FORWARD!


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Hello everyone,

ISP: Westnet.com.au

Router: iconnect access 624

Firewall: Windows Firewall. (service pack 2)

Recently i downloaded UTorrent. I relised i need to open my ports.

So i searched it in google and found a site that guides you throught it.


So i followed the steps carfully. and i was sure i had done EVERYTHING right, but when i open Utorrent it says my ports are still not open.

So i went back to the site and did the whole process again (using a different port from utorrent). and utorrent is still saying my ports are NOT open.

I haved added Utorrent to my firewall exeptions and i added a utorrent port (25778) to my firewall aswell.

I feel like i have tried EVERYTHING.

thankyou for ANY help.

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