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add-on for utorrent


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i use utorrent in local net (we have local (private) tracker).

if 'list servers' field contains more than one server - there is the way to increase your raiting on the tracker illegaly...

do you know any add-on for utorrent to send server list in HTTP GET request to the tracker?


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Ratio cheat, if I'm deciphering correctly. Either way, whether you want a ratio cheat or some super-duper-uber feature X, it's not going to come through an addon. All features in µTorrent are built-in

Exactly. Ratio cheat.

Ок. For example, this is request from utorrent now


sending to the server (tracker).

How can I modify it, to get request like this one below:


where trackers_list is the list of announced urls in the utorrent.

(Sorry for my English. Hello to all Russians!)

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The matter is that trackers are depend on what the client program sends.

And it's strange, you know, that nobody faced with this kind of problem, because mistake in calculation of a rating essential.

What will you advise?

How could i exclude ratio cheat?

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Your proposal is a poorly thought out hack which only serves to increase the overhead made by peers to the tracker and doesn't actually solve the underlying problem with the whole concept of ratio enforcement in bittorrent.

Nevermind the fact that it's a simple matter to simply proxy the tracker communication and scrub out the proposed extension.

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