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I have been downloading the same thing for the last 3 days!!

I did a speed test and I changed my download and upload speed and it is still the same.

I tried following the guides on here, but I do not really know where to go or what to change.

So, please someone help.


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The availabiliy of the torrent is.

54 seeds and 72 Leechs.

That was the highest torrent I could find for what I was looking for.

Right now, I only have 5 seeds and 65 Leechs connected.

Now, I do not understand is the torrent has 54 seeds how come it will not let me have more the 5 seeds?

Now, it is saying 303 people have the file. Will, I believe that what it means.

Right the download seed is at 53.4/kb and upload seed is 15.8/kb

It wierd because it says my for download speed avg is 38.4 kB/s and for my upload speed avg avg. 30.9 kB/s.

So, why would my upload speed be at 15.8/kb?

Where in Utorrent I find the firewall?

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µT has no firewall, your computer might have!

what is your internet connection maximum uploadspeed capability?

those 5 seeds might have no uploadslot free for you right now. So its Normal that you are not connected only to all seeds and not to peers. that alone is no need to worry about.

switeck meant with availability not how many others, but how high the value is below your downloaded %. this value should be greater then 1.000

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Availability is a calculated value in µTorrent.

With 5 connected seeds and 65 connected Leeches/Peers, availability needs to be WAY over 5 before the torrent can be considered healthy. Each seed counts as 1 towards availability even if they upload nothing to you, so if the seeds aren't giving you anything then the other peers/leeches need to have a distributed copy between them for you to have a chance of completing the torrent.

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Yes, my computer has a firewall.

I do not know what my internet conncetion maximum upload speed is.

Do you know where I can find out?

Where do I check for the value? It is in general area?

So, I do not get all the seeds? Everybody takes turns? ok.

I thought maybe we all can download the same seeds and did not have to take turns.

So, I have the seeds have to be over 5 to be considered healthy and some people may have bad copies. They should just delete them.

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If a seed allows 100 connections per torrent and only uses 5 upload slots that means potentially 95 peers connected to it will not be getting anything from them at any given moment. Even if seeds DO cycle through the peers, it can take a long time to give each peer 30 seconds of uploading.

Speed Guide (CTRL+G) in µTorrent has a speed test function, try using it. Your ISP should also tell you what your connection's rated bandwidth is both up and down as well as giving you hard, soft, or 'guidelines' for monthy bandwidth useage limits. Many reserve the right to throttle "bandwidth hogs", so read up on that too!

Availability is listed in the general window for each torrent.

Better to get 1 good seed than 10 bad ones in terms of download speed. Most are bad, so there's really no set guideline on how many seeds it take to make a 'good' torrent swarm. :(

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That is why it is taking so long for my torrent to download. So, what it does it looks for the good pieces.

Ya, I did check my speed guide and I did ended you changing my upload and download and still was the same. :(

So, it just must be the seeds are not very good.

Thank for your help. :)

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