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Still got a slow connection


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When i first installed this software the speed was slow, and kept getting a no green status bar, then i fixed it, and got amazings speeds, the connection was perfect. then the other day i started a torrent for download and the speed has gone again, i have not changed a thing, i tried several different torrents, none of them exceed the 25kb/s speed. i am constantly getting the little yellow triangle in the status bar. I am using a 8MB BT homehub, and everything else is working ok, when i download a file through internet explorer its fine, just with utorrent and azerous i am getting slow speeds. Got download speed average of 360kbps and upload of 2100 kbps.

I have forgotten how i fixed it in the 1st place, can somebody please advice me how i can get the speed back again.

Thanks Chris

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haha mmmk well here it goes!

go to run, type in "cmd" than in the command prompt type in "ipconfig"

take the numbers after ip address..............." HERE " and copy those numbers to your browser and hit enter.

this should bring up your router... if it is secured by a username and password it is mostlikely:

Username: admin

Password: admin

if that doesnt work try "administrator" ?? maybe ??

let me know if you get into that and i'll continue!

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