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Upload speed problems


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I have been seeding torrents, and my upload speed has not once gone past 50kB/s. I have done the internet speed test, and the results were Download:4000kB/s, and upload: 350kB/s. No matter how many peers i am connected to, and no matter how many torrents i run seeding, i cannot get past 50kB/s upload speed. I have checked the max upload speed(duh) and it's set at 300kB/s.

Before i start to get bitched at, I tried every method i could do improve my upload speeds, and nothing seems to be working. I have made sure my port is forwarded correctly, done the TCP/IP system patch to open 50 halfconnections(or some name like that, but i know the number was 50), and i have tried the TCP optimizer.

I have Comcast ISP, with a D-Link router(70$, so it shouldnt be shit) and a Motorolla modem. Plz help me!!!!!!!!!

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1 byte = 8 bits

350 kbps = 40-50 kb/s usually

so you are uploading to the limit.

As for whether its a good speed, depend on what you are getting. Where I live (Texas) normal cable modem (road runner) advertises for 5 mbps down and 374 kbps up, so that's similar to what you are getting, expect they charge $40 something +tax , so around $50 a month here.

Here they do offer a turbo service which advertise to have 10 mbps down and 1 mbps up (what I have), but usually I get about 7-8 mbps and about 800kbps up. That's for $10/month more.


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I cannot upload past 45 KB/sec -- however that's VERY near the limits of my connection. (380 kilobits/sec measured upload bandwidth)

My download seldom tops 300 KB/sec and usually only goes just over 100 KB/sec for the torrents I get.

This is normal, as the torrents I'm after often have few/no seeds and peers which don't have much either...and are firewalled and on crappy ISPs.

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