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Add 'Highest' intentionally greedy bandwidth allocation


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Hi All,

I use a laptop and, as I am away from home 10 months of the year (I am a musician), I have to make do with internet cafes/The Cloud/friends' wi-fi for my internet access. I would love to see an additional bandwidth allocation option that 'greedily' uses the maximum bandwidth for the completion of a particular torrent download, or perhaps sets itself to high and automatically sets all the others to low. I know this option is there when starting a new download (the highest priority checkbox), but it's not there once the download is running.

Practical example: I have to catch a train in 45 minutes. As well as some episodes of my favourite TV series and a few 'adult entertainment' vids, I'm downloading 3 films, each of which will complete in about an hour. If I could prioritise 'Film A' over 'Film B' and 'Film C', then I'll have at least one completed before I have to leave.

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You can change file priority in a torrent after starting the torrent. Also, you can individually reduce upload slots and torrent priority to make 1 torrent "high" and the rest low to very low.

...it's just hard to remember to set them all back when done.

As far as I know, almost every hotspot acts as a firewalled LAN connection...so that's a problem too!

(And if UPnP doesn't unfirewall you, then almost nothing will.)

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