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network status green, still port error in logger


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I use utorrent 1.6, WinXP SP2, a 4096/512 line, D-Link DI-524 and Sygate Personal Firewall (tell me if you need more information).

I get a static ip from DI-524, did portforwarding (Port 63513) and utorrent is not firewalled. When I do the portforwarding test, which came with utorrent, it says that everything is ok (only if i use IE, Firefox gets an error...); I get normal download speeds (up to 200 kb/s), but the logger says "Unable to map UPnP Port" and "UPnP: ERROR 718 mapping port 63513". By the way: the network status is green ...

Is there any loss in speed, if I disable UPnP? Why can´t I use UPnP, although the light is green?



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