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Help ! All my torrents disappeared ..


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I've been using utorrent for close to a year now, and its been great, and i've had no problems at all.

recently i upgraded my computer (changed case, sound card, some more ram, nothing big).

i had everything running smoothly for a full day. i noticed nothing wrong. out of the blue my computer crashes, i restart (its xp) windows said i had to do a disk check, it did that but listed quite a few things (i didn't read them all, or remember what it said, just the words truncated ? maybe ?) it then was complete and rebooted.

everything is normal but when i opened utorrent all my torrents and labels are all gone. its shows zeros across the boards. i was downloading and seeding quite a few things (around 60, no not all the same time, but i like to add a torrent if its something i want and download it down the road).

its not as if utorrent completely got restarted or anything like that either, all my options and changes have remained.

its going to be quite a pain in the ass to try and find ALL the torrents i had listed, not to mention the ones i was downloading at the time. Is there anything i can do ? does utorrent backup them up ? are the actual torrents saved on my hard drive somewhere ? thanks if anyone can help.

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